Planning, evaluation, organization, coordination, team selection: the implementation and execution of a project require an agile and personalized completion strategy. 

This is what we do, while maintaining increased support and an array of available resources.

Our supervisor acts as a resource for the production and creative sound team members, taking charge of every step of the sound post-production process. His support allows for a tailor-made execution, adapted to the ideas, human resources and budgetary conditions.

Project development

Initial budgeting and adaptation

Active and fruitful communication with producers and directors

Overall vision of the project’s stages and active monitoring of its progress

Evaluation of needs and requirements (products and services)

Sound team

Setting up and coordinating the team

Creation of efficient pipelines for each stakeholder

Adaptation of internal and external resources

Collaborative work schedule

Access to our sound library

Working methods

Management of sharing media and deliveries

Remote collaboration tools

Security and backups

Continuous adaptation of work methods

Support for hardware and rental resources

Sound design

Each production is unique. A custom sound design determines its audio identity, bringing an extra creative dimension to any audiovisual project.

And a high-level sound design gives a second voice to the image, an additional immersion in the project’s universe. 

By carefully customizing the sound identity of a film project, a refined design gives it a third dimension of reality, and a unique feel. 


The miniaturization of computer and sound equipment provides many possibilities once reserved for a few large recording studios. Today, we are able to offer simultaneous remote collaboration recordings, mobile recording options in any indoor or outdoor location, and more.

We offer a great deal of flexibility in building the sound environments and events of a picture, while respecting both the creative idea and the budgetary constraints.

Sound effects

Under the artistic direction of the sound designer, the editors dress each scene with moods and effects, ensuring both increased creativity and logical continuity.

There are three essential ingredients to a successful sound effects package: high-caliber creative people, a congruent infrastructure and a varied, high-quality sound library.

And the constant evolution of the Sonomar sound bank offers an original and varied palette of sound colors.

Moreover, the miniaturization and accessibility of professional audio equipment have encouraged many editors to create their own editing facilities; it is therefore easy to divide the various sound elements among several people according to the needs of each production, reducing infrastructure costs and adapting more easily to the deadlines of any project.

And since our sound library has been constantly evolving for over 25 years, Sonomar offers all the elements for a unique and exceptional sound effects package.


The constant connection between the small and the big screen is changing the needs in resources and rentals.

The multiple personal mix and premix rooms now allow for easy adaptation to time, budget and rental constraints, and the large companies in Quebec provide access to the best infrastructure (Atmos, cinema, etc.)



The dialogue is the narrator of each cinematographic production: it links the idea and the image. By molding itself to the sound and visual landscapes, it makes sense and brings realism to the soundtrack. It is one of the most delicate elements to work on in sound postproduction. 

The use of the latest tools by seasoned professionals allows for a meticulous construction that is perfectly synchronized, free of unwanted noise and work artifacts.

The need for post-synchronization and mixing time is thus reduced in advance.


Quality sound effects bring the viewer into the center of the scene. Ol gives a realistic dimension, a deeper immersion to any audiovisual production.

By recording in the acoustic conditions of the shooting location, it becomes faster and easier to match the sound of the sound effects with the original sound recordings. Modifying the colors and parameters of these two recording sources is greatly facilitated.

This malleability, coupled with increased recording expertise, allows Sonomar to easily adapt to rental needs and budgetary margins.

In addition, Sonomar can offer minimal sound effects in a single location, as well as sound effects in multiple locations and layers.