Sonomar Sessions


Development of the project

Supervision of the sound team

Transmission of the visions to be supported by each participant

Establishment of work methods

Management of the sound post-production pipeline

Planning, evaluation, coordination, team selection: the implementation and execution of a project requires an agile and personalized completion strategy.

Sonomar Sessions


Development of the sound design

Design of the audio universe

Effects and ambience editing

Creative direction

Translation of the production idea into a soundtrack

Each production is unique. A custom sound design determines the audio identity, bringing an additional creative dimension to any audiovisual project.


Studio recording

Outdoor recording

Collaboration and remote recording

Supervision of recordings in recognized studios (post-synchronization, narration, wallas and related documents)

Customised sound recording services, whether in the studio, on location or on a film set. One of Sonomar’s specialities.

Sonomar Sessions


Ambiences editing

Sound effects editing

Sound effects recalibration

Creative editing

Impeccable synchronization

Under the artistic direction of the sound designer, the editors dress each scene with moods and effects, ensuring both increased creativity and logical continuity.


Creative and technical mixing

Finishing the sound personality

Deliverables according to international standards

Pre-mix and final mix in private or high-calibre rooms


Final creative input from the sound post-production, an outstanding mix blends each sound element into a credible, unique and imagination-inducing final soundtrack.

Sonomar Sessions


Dialogues evaluation

Conformation of the original sources

Editing of dialogues and careful realignment

Targeted sound cleaning

Narrator of a cinematographic production, the dialogue links the idea and the image. By molding itself to the sound and visual landscapes, it brings realism to the soundtrack.


Thorough realignment

Targeted sound cleaning

Attention to detail

On location sound service, fully mobile and adaptable to any designated location (outdoor and indoor)

High quality foley brings the viewer into the centre of the scene. It gives a realistic dimension, bringing a deeper immersion to any audiovisual production.