Sonomar Collection: Trains

Sonomar Sound Collector - Trains

53 files  |  2 GB

24 bit / 48 kHz BWF

Integrated descriptive metadata (in English and French)

100% Royalty Free

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Sonomar Collection: Trains is a collection of 53 train recordings that are sure to embolden your projects with the raw power of a 200-ton diesel locomotive. Explore the vast array of steam whistles, metallic rattles and squeaks this library has to offer. Use this versatile collection to enhance your train arrivals, departures, and idling scenes, or enrich them with crossing bells, air valve releases, and passenger walla.

This library features a wide variety of trains, including a 1907 steam train, modern electric commuter trains, diesel freight trains, and more. From simple passes and horn blasts to the unique rattling of car couplings, provide your project with the specific train sound your scene needs. Extended on-board recordings and station atmospheres allow you to complete your scenes with an authentic backdrop.


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