Sonomar Collection: Speed Machine

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Sonomar Collection: Speed Machine recording

Sonomar Collection: Speed Machine contains 266 rich vehicle recordings of Campagna’s legendary 2006 T-Rex. Featuring overtaking, shifting, acceleration and more, this collection contains lively vehicle sound effects and characterful maneuvers.

Campagna’s T-Rex is a powerful three-wheeled vehicle capable of going from 0-60 in 4.1 seconds and reaching speeds of 140 mph. To create this library, the Sonomar team used state-of-the-art recording techniques to capture aggressive and expert driving maneuvers on a closed course.

Use the purr of a 155 horsepower engine as a substitute for Japanese motorcycles and other powerful vehicles. Let the distinct tone of a 1200cc engine act as a punch softener for existing vehicle sounds. You can also adjust the tone and processing to create the engine quality your project needs. Groups of synchronized recordings offer a variety of perspectives to maximize your options and fit your specific editing needs.

This collection includes 24 surround recordings (also available in stereo) as well as 17 additional 5.1 surround sound files created from the source content.

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