Sonomar Collection: Pianos

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24 bit / 192 kHz BWF

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Martin Pinsonnault and Thomas Brodeur
about Sonomar Collection: Pianos

Sonomar Collection: Pianos began with a curious question: What new and unconventional sounds can you make with a piano for use in sound design?

The result is 652 enigmatic sounds that explore the sonic properties of different pianos to create suspense and tension in your audio projects. Created by sound designer and recordist Martin Pinsonnault (Big Little Lies, Dallas Buyers Club) and the Sonomar team, the Pianos library blurs the line between music and sound design – captured at 192kHz using contact mics and an MKH-8040 for endless pitching and processing possibilities.

Available in three unique collections, this expressive library combines the resonant nature of pianos with experimental approaches to recording, performing and preparing this classic instrument.

Pianos – Broken

Contains 63 rusty, squeaky, rhythmic and rumbling piano sounds for sinister roars and anxiety-inducing resonances. Includes a percussive performance by Thomas Brodeur of the Sonomar team.

Pianos – Prepared

Features 539 textured punches, decompositions, chords and notes – ripe with complex harmonics, string rattles and vibrations. Created by placing objects on the strings of a piano, with a performance by Mingan Sauriol.

Pianos – Designed

Expresses the unlimited possibilities of raw recordings with pitched and processed sounds ready to be dragged and dropped directly into your creations.

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