Sonomar Collection: Magnetic

1841 files  |  15 GB

24 bit / 192 kHz BWF

Integrated descriptive metadata (in English and French)

100% Royalty Free

Martin Pinsonnault about
Sonomar Collection: Magnetic

Discover the power of magnetic force with Sonomar Collection: Magnetic, which includes more than 1,600 designed impacts, rattles, and scrapings as well as more than 200 raw recordings used to create them. With deep tonal resonances, subtle debris rattles, and crisp impacts, Magnetic offers a wide variety of high-quality recordings for your sound design needs that showcase all aspects of magnetic attraction. Use it as a toolbox for designing pulses, subs, punches and more.

The Sonomar team has assembled a collection of magnets, ranging from small watch batteries to large speaker magnets to various metal objects. Using MKH-8040 microphones in an XY configuration, Sonomar recorded numerous vibrations, collisions, and resonances resulting from a wide range of magnetic intensity. The high sampling rate of 192kHz opens up unlimited potential for pitching and processing, a feature masterfully illustrated by the sounds designed in the collection and ready to be used in your audio projects.


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