Sonomar Collection: Crystal Sing

46 files  |  790 MB

24 bit / 192 kHz BWF

Integrated descriptive metadata (in English and French)

100% Royalty Free

Martin Pinsonnault about Crystal Sing

A skillfully executed collection using glasses as instruments. Sonomar Collection: Crystal Sing presents 46 recordings of sound vibrations tailored to your harmonic needs. This collection contains sounds of different pitches, squeaks and high-pitched rubs. Use the raw recordings to add hypnotic resonant layers to your projects. Edit them to discover the depth of Crystal Sing’s harmonic range.

To capture these sounds, the Sonomar team used six different types of glasses, including Ricard, cognac and champagne flutes. The tonal vibrations were recorded at 192kHz with MKH-8040 microphones in ORTF configuration. Each glass produced its own pitch and tone depending on its size, shape, and the amount of water added. The rich high frequency response and minimal noise make these clean harmonics ideal for pitching and processing.

This collection includes 24 surround recordings (also available in stereo) as well as 17 additional 5.1 surround sound files created from the source content.


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