Sonomar Collection: Bass Machine

720 files  | 15 GB

24 bit / 96 kHz / 192 kHz BWF

Integrated descriptive metadata (in English and French)

100% Royalty Free

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Made on a custom experimental testbed with intense manipulation of objects and tools on a bass guitar string, the Sonomar: Bass Machine collection includes 720 abstract sound design elements that will serve as your reference solution for mysterious creations. Add a layer of otherworldly depth and emotion to your projects with swirling metallic feedback, tension, eerie engine drones, and gritty metallic vibrations.

With over 15GB of space, Bass Machine includes 70 raw sound files and 650 designed sound effects. Recorded with contact and guitar mics at 192 kHz, the raw sounds provide unique organic building blocks for processing and manipulation. The acoustic isolation and high resolution of each file make these sounds incredibly flexible for editing and conducive to imaginative sound design. The sounds designed in the collection have been expertly sculpted, pitched and processed at 96kHz using parts of the raw files. Use them as inspiration for your own design potential, or insert them directly into your projects to instantly add expressive tension, harmonic activity and fascinating dimension.

Martin Pinsonnault and the Sonomar team created the device, recorded and interpreted sounds during many hours of experimentation with the instrument, and then meticulously sliced, designed, and organized the results into a truly generous and limitless library of sounds.


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